Goodness Gracious! Granola

Website: www.goodnessgraciousgranola.net

I started our local granola company in Atlanta, the spring of 2008, and moved the kitchen to Suwanee in 2009. We use local honey, Georgia sorghum, as well as other natural and organic ingredients. We use safflower and/or coconut oil instead of canola. Our granolas are 60-80% organic, no preservatives, no refined sugars, no salt. They are low in sugars (3-6 grams/serving) and oat-based. We don’t add wheat, rice or salt to our granolas. The flavors are amazingly delicious and unique.Bet you’re gonna love ’em!
We also flavorfully roast cinnamon almonds, rosemary pecans and cajun spice cashews, and on occasion, have made the best almond coffee toffee available! Our packaging is a compostable package made from recycled material.

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