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Welcome to David’s Garden family of valued customers. Hope you enjoy the items available to you and yours. Your opinion of these items is valued by David’s Garden as we continue to enhance the foods’ “Bouquet of spices” to match the customer palate and strive to provide quality products and service. A price list of products is available by e-mail to or by visiting this market.

David’s Garden,(Recognition of Certification – Bring Home Georgia Grown, a Program of the Georgia Department of Agriculture) grows fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and more during the spring and summer. Year round Distributor of products under the private label “David’s Garden” and Georgia Grown. David’s Garden Products includes some twenty plus specialty items i.e. pickles, jams, jellies, preserves, ciders, BBQ Sauce, salad dressings, fruit butter, relish and chow chow, soup mix, salsa, drink mixers, and Georgia Vidalia. More items are added each year. Your patronage is appreciated. Thanks from David’s Garden

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